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حصريا اللعبه الرهيبه Call Of DuTy باخر اصدار لها ومساحه صغيره ..


24-03-2010, 01:03 PM
حصريا اللعبه الرهيبه Call Of DuTy باخر اصدار لها ومساحه صغيره


Call of Duty: United Offensive v1 5 [complete]
English | PC | Activision | Infinity Ward | 2.83 GB

Call of Duty: delivers the gritty realism and cinematic intensity of World War II's epic battlefield moments like never before - through the eyes of citizen soldiers and unsung heroes from an alliance of countries who together helped shape the course of modern history.
Play through the chaos of battle as part of a well-trained squad, that lays down covering fire and pulls its wounded to safety. In addition to authentic squad movements and tactics, each soldier's distinct personality and training comes out on the battlefield.
No one soldier or nation single-handedly won the war. For the first time, Call of Duty captures the war from multiple perspectives, through the eyes of American, British and Russian soldiers.

# 24 missions spanning 4 interconnected historical campaigns.

# Mission objectives ranging from sabotage and all-out assault to stealth, vehicle combat and

# Authentic weapons, locations, vehicles and sounds of war all contribute to the realism,
immersing you in the most intense World War II experience yet.


United Offensive: Take the role of American, British, and Russian soldiers in some of the most climactic battles
of World War II, including the Battle of the Bulge, the invasion of Sicily, and the Battle
of Kursk.

# Fight in tanks, jeeps, motorcycles, even a bomber.

# Work with your squad through snow and rain, using new weapons including flamethrowers and
deployable machine guns, or by calling in artillery strikes.

# 13 All-New Single Player missions spanning three campaigns.

# 11 exciting new Multiplayer maps

# 3 new multiplayer modes including Domination, Capture the Flag, and Base Assault.


CoDAssult: An all new single-player campaign for CoDUO where you play an American 3rd Infantry Division soldier
fighting the war in Africa, Italy and Normandy, and theres plenty of war going on.

Great additional material that will challenge every player.

# 12 single-player maps

# New weapons.pak (including the custom M3a1 grease gun)

PC Requirements:

98/ME/2000/XP/Vista (win7 not confirmed)
Pentium III 800MHz or Athlon 800MHz
128MB RAM (256MB Recommended)
2.25GB hard disk space plus 600MB swap file
DirectX 9.0c (included)


Call of Duty v1.0 by DEViANCE

1. Unpack CoD rar(s)
2. Burn or mount .iso with your favorite tools
3. Install ~ Call of Duty ~ (use KeyGen inside the DEViANT folder located on disc 1)

OPTIONAL - if you want to play the original before any patches or updates
copy CoDSP.exe from the DEViANCE folder on disc 1 to your game dir and overwrite.

Call of Duty: United Offensive v 1.5 (expansion pack)
This will auto-patch CoD to version 1.4 which is required

1. Unpack CoDUO rar(s)
2. Burn or mount .iso with your favorite tools
3. Install ~ Call of Duty: United Offensive ~ (use KEY: DJBJ-U3J4-GJK4-TU3K-BB61)
4. Copy CoDSP.exe from SHROOM>Cracks>v1.4 to game install folder and overwrite
5. Copy CoDUOSP.exe from SHROOM>Cracks>v1.5 to game install folder and overwrite
6. Enjoy both games!

Call of Duty: Assult (12 map single-player campaign) by Gunrock that will challenge everyone.

1. Extract CodAssult.rar located in SHROOM>Campaigns to the Call of Duty: United Offensive dir and run

The Head-Shot Mod only works for United Offensive
-copy 'pakuo_hsm_v2.0.pk3' from SHROOM>Mods to the 'uo' folder in your United Offensive install dir.

If you get a compiling error while loading CoD, you stuck this file in the wrong folder.


Dawnload LinkkKss



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حصريا اللعبه الرهيبه Call Of DuTy باخر اصدار لها ومساحه صغيره ..

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