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حصري لعبة Elements of War 2010 ..!!


17-05-2010, 02:31 AM
حصري لعبة Elements of War 2010 !!

Elements of War (2010)


Quote:Elements of War(2010/ Beta)
Release: 2010 | Mac OS X | Game | 1.51GB
Genre: RTS-Strategy

Elements of War - a modern MMORTS in settinge global man-made disaster.
As a result of runaway climate weapons test pilot was completely destroyed Washington, a cellar under their rubble all top leaders of the country. This was the beginning of a series of environmental disasters around the world, and has resulted in sending to the U.S., tormented by factions fighting for power, military, international expeditionary force of the European coalition.

Developer: Lesta
Publisher: Playnatic Entertainment
Publication Type: license PTA
Language: Russian only
Tabletka: Not required

Player waiting for an exciting battle, different highly detailed animations of the game world, realistic physics and dynamic change of destruction weather directly affects the gameplay. Fascinating geymlpey provide an opportunity to play for the Russian Army and the U.S. Army, 10 types of PVE-mission in which players have to contend with gangs of looters flooded the country, more than 25 different upgrades of equipment, including a really existing designs and futuristic "weather elementals" and much, much more.

Extras. Information:
- "The original plot.
-> Convenient for fans of classic RTS control.
-> Battles in the area locations to 2 square meters. kilometers.
- "Dozens of highly detailed units under the player.
-> Army System ranks in the online game.
-> 10 large-scale missions in the single-player campaign.
-> Ability to control U.S., Russian and German troops in the single-player campaign.
-> On-line opposition to the armies of Russia and the USA!
-> Ability to use the unique climate of weapons.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
> Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3000 MHz, AMD Athlon 3000 + 64 or equivalent
> RAM: 1GB for XP; 2GB for Vista
> HDD: 4GB of free hard disk space


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حصري لعبة Elements of War 2010 ..!!

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