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Senior Executive

منتديات التوظيف والتنمية البشرية

24-06-2010, 03:06 AM
وظائف الجرائد
06 Senior Executive

Role Overview The CEO will be responsible for executing the organizational goals and objectives as well as acting as the mentor and leader to contribute in achieving the organization’s mission, plans, philosophy, strategy, and objectives. Job Responsibilities : - Define the organization’s vision and build up strategies to achieve it. - Create and maintain annual plans that comply with the strategies set by the board and relate them with annual budgets. - Develop and supervise strategies to ensure the long-term financial feasibility of the organization. - Hire, manage, and dismiss employees of the organization in accordance with authorized personnel policies and procedures that abide by current laws and regulations. - Liaise between the employees and the board of directors and ensures that they have adequate and up-to-date information. - Assess the organization’s and the employees’ performance on a regular basis so as to encourage good performance and reward productivity. - Manage the organization’s resources and oversee the development of annual budgets and submit them for board approval. - Arrange the presence of employees for media/PR events as needed. - Monitor all marketing material such as production, , and distribution. - Analyze and evaluate information that measures the success of the organization’s programs and services. Job Requirements : - Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Petroleum or Industrial Engineering or any other related field. - Master’s degree is a plus. - A minimum of ten years experience in International oil ports. - Excellent, interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills. - Excellent command of English. - Excellent computer skills. ظ…ظ† ظˆط¸ط§ط¦ظپ http://www.*/

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Senior Executive

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