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Junior (experienced non-manager

منتديات التوظيف والتنمية البشرية

18-08-2010, 02:00 PM
وظائف الجرائد
منقول Junior experienced non-manager

Role Overview: The Export/Import Manager will be responsible for all import and export tasks to maintain efficient and effective product delivery and customer satisfaction with the highest quality and standards. Job Responsibilities: - Prepare and implement the import/export strategy and related activities consistent with overall company objectives and essential requirements. - Direct the movement of products in and out of the country according to the company’s policies and procedures. - Communicate with export and import agencies, customers and suppliers in all relevant countries to ensure efficient and legal relations. - Research import/export changes in laws and in relevant local practices, and ensure such knowledge is factored into the planning of the department's own strategy. - Set up delivery schedules, letters of credit, licenses, declarations, transportation and safety documents. - Handle communication issues as necessary to enable effective relations, distribution and integration of imported/exported products within the supply chain of both parties. - Negotiate purchase contracts and review contracts as required to ensure effective trading, operations and customer/supplier relations. Job Requirements: - Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any other related field. - Minimum 3 years of experience in the Export/Import industry. - Knowledge in Import/Export tariffs, taxes, licenses, and restrictions. - Excellent command of Arabic and English. - Extraordinary communication and interpersonal skills.

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Junior (experienced non-manager

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