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لعبة السباق الجميلة وباسم Live For Speed


03-09-2010, 03:21 AM
لعبة السباق الجميلة وباسم Live For Speed


Live For Speed
FullRip - UC




LFS S2 is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving. It is therefore highly recommended to drive the sim with a steering wheel, because even though you can use keyboard and/or mouse, a wheel is what you use in a real car, so a wheel should be used in a serious racing simulator. Especially when going online, where fast reactions are required.
This is a really really good game for real life driving simulations. There are lots of packs for add-ons to change the engine sounds and add stuff like custom skins and steering wheels, even the ability to add some blow-off valves. This is something that will require a lot of practice to get the hang of.

Minimum System Requirements
Processor: 1 GHz CPU
RAM: 128 MB
Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible
Other: DX9 hardware compatibility and audio board with speakers and/or headphones







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لعبة السباق الجميلة وباسم Live For Speed

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