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Senior (manager, staff supervisor)

منتديات التوظيف والتنمية البشرية

23-09-2010, 10:40 AM
وظائف الجرائد
منقول Senior manager, staff supervisor

Descriptions: - Setting up Programs and Plans related to Human Resources Department in order to meet and following up Company`s Objectives - Managing work procedures and increasing subordinate’s efficiency - Managing comprehensive human resources programs in the company by suggesting policies and regulations to implement the programs with consultation in Coordination with department managers. - Managing plans and activities related to Human Resources such as salaries, hiring and training programs and staff evaluation activities - Supervising and developing an action plan for human resources Dept, defining work activities and evaluating human resources services and procedures taken - Supervising staff classification and developing job description cards for new staff and readjusting cards for current staff. - Following up on staff evaluation in coordination with staff directs managers and reviews their records. - Supervising the process of determining how many human recourses needed to meet employment needs and planning to improve human resources in the company. - Managing and reviewing training analysis in order to setting and arranging training plans and determine training needs for the staff in coordination with their direct managers. - Supervising training issues locally and internationally. - Supervising staff nomination for external work by sending recommendation to direct managers for staff nominated. - Following up on introducing new staff to the work mechanism of the company in coordination with other departments. - Following up on penalties system such as deduction, warnings in coordination with direct managers in case staff violates regulations. - Supervising Career path and Succession plan for company`s employees by determining basic needs that require skills practical experience and training. - Manage, Control & Supervise the creation & update process on employees file. - Manage, Monitor, and Justify Payroll and compensation System for both Monthly and Daily employees. Skills and Abilities: - Bachelor Degree in Human Resources ,Business Administration or any related field - 7 - 10 years experience in HR, minimum 3 year in a managerial level. - Managerial Skills - Communications Skills - Time Management - Decision Making - Planning and Organizing - Problem Solving

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Senior (manager, staff supervisor)

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