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Senior (manager, staff supervisor)

منتديات التوظيف والتنمية البشرية

23-09-2010, 11:10 AM
وظائف الجرائد
منقول Senior manager, staff supervisor

PAYNET is Jordan’s national e-payment network, owned and operated by a joint venture formed by Visa Jordan Card Services (VJCS) and Specialized Technical Services (STS). PAYNET provides simple & secure real-time electronic payment processing services for Jordanian entities who wish to conduct local and global e-Business, e-Government or e-Commerce activities, and accept payment via multiple methods including Visa & MasterCard Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Pre-Paid Cards as well as Inter-Bank Account Transfer (Direct Debit).Payments using such methods can be conducted anytime, anywhere using a regular PC, public kiosk or a mobile phone without the need of any special setup on the user side.Key Responsibilities• Manage day-to-day operations of PAYNET, execute and implement its strategies and plans (including seeking opportunities to contribute to broad organizational goals and objectives).• Participate in, and coordinate the development of annual business plans• Coordinate, and execute PAYNET’s business development/ positioning strategy and plans including:o Planning demand/need creation and market awareness creation and penetration (including market/ opportunity/ competitive research and analysis) to leverage existing business opportunities and create new oneso Coordinate, and execute PAYNET’s marketing strategy and plans including: PR, corporate ID and branding, tradeshow participation, literature production, customer/ partner satisfaction surveys and questionnaires• On-boarding & managing relationships with acquirers, merchants, partners and channels (including the coordination of logistics, setting/ executing policies & procedures for agreement signing, settlement, reconciliation & collection of funds).• Facilitate PAYNET’s proper services release schedule (rollout, versions, releases, etc)• Contribute to, and implement pricing strategy and revenue model(s) to ensure the profitability of PAYNET• Ensure meeting PAYNET’s committed services levels with its clients (including the management of delivery of PAYNET’s vendors/ suppliers/ subcontractors, and ensure their compliance with agreed-upon service levels)• Communicating periodic status updates to management, including monitoring sales pipeline, growth targets, cost structures and P&L statements

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Senior (manager, staff supervisor)

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