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The Foundry Nuke & NukeX 6.2.1 (x32x64) Included Plug-ins and PDF

تحميل برامج - برامج كامله - برامج مجانية

27-12-2010, 11:37 PM
The Foundry Nuke & NukeX 6 2 1 x32x64 Included Plug-ins and PDF

The Foundry Nuke & NukeX 6.2.1 (x32/x64) Included Plug-ins and PDF Documents (2010) | 898 MB

The Foundry Nuke - a program for creating special effects in film and video. The program used to create special effects in many movies, including King Kong and The Day After Tomorrow, as well as in hundreds of commercials and music videos. The program used for video editing (image sikventsy). Used in processing, apply effects, final assembly and other footage, the creation of commercials, as well as for other tasks.

System requirements:
Windows XP SP2, XP64, Vista x32/x64;
550 MHZ Pentium III or newer processor;
5GB disk space available for caching and temporary files;
512MB RAM (minimum requirement);
Workstation-class graphics card, such as NVIDIA Quadro series or ATI FireGL series, or newer;
Display with 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and 24-bit colour;
Three-button mouse.

Nuke 6.2.1
NukeX 6.2.1
Furnace 4.2.1
Keylight 2.1.2
Ocula 2.1.1
RollingShutter 1.0.1
Tinder 1.3.1
Tinderbox1 2.1.1
Tinderbox2 2.1.1
Tinderbox3 2.1.1
Tinderbox4 2.1.1
Genarts Monsters GT 6.01
Genarts Sapphire 5.01
Trapcode Particular 2.1.1
PDF documents

Fast, memory efficient, scanline-based image processing engine:
Nuke's rendering engine only processes the part of the frame being viewed to give fast artist feedback and support for massive image sizes. Multi-threading is supported on all platforms taking full advantage of multiple processor systems and multi-core CPUs.

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The Foundry Nuke & NukeX 6.2.1 (x32x64) Included Plug-ins and PDF

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