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برنامج الدردشه Skype

تحميل برامج - برامج كامله - برامج مجانية

07-04-2011, 08:09 PM
برنامج الدردشه Skype 5 3 0 108


واحد من افضل برامج الشات العالميه والذي يتيح لك الاتصال بالاخرين بكل سهوله ويسر ومن خلاله تسطيع ان تتصل باكثر من مائه شخص في وقت واحد كما انه يدعم مكالمات الفيديو بكل وضوح وهو اكثر من رائع ويستحق التجربه

Download Skype &Portable

Skype lets you make Internet-based VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone calls for free to anyone in the world who also uses Skype on their PC, and make inexpensive calls from your PC to landlines and cell phones worldwide. Skype uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you to other users – not to share files this time, but to talk and chat with your friends. The technology is extremely advanced – but super simple to use... You’ll be making free phone calls to your friends in no time! It's also an instant messenger as well, because has integrated chat. Skype is the simplest way to save money on your phone bill. Skype does more than phone calls. It also lets you video chat and text chat as well, and send SMS messages. The newest version of Skype also features nifty integration with Firefox - you can call any phone number you see on a Web site with one click. Skype will automatically recognize your headset, microphone, and speakers, so you don't need to worry about configuration.

تاريخ اصدار البرنامج : 7-4-2011
مساحة البرنامج : 20 ميجا
التوافق : جميع اصدارات الويندوز
الترخيص : مجاني

حجم البرنامج (20.5 ) ميجا


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المتصفح Firefox 40 beta 8
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حمل اقوي برامج الحمايه AVG Anti-Virus 2011 10.0.1204 Build 340

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برنامج الدردشه Skype

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