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برنامج حساب الوزن المثالي لموبايل

الموبايل | الجوال

07-08-2011, 08:11 PM
قوت الزمان
برنامج حساب الوزن المثالي لموبايل

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
الحمد الله حمدا كثير طيبا مباركا فيه ملئ السموات والأرض وبعد :-

برنامج لحساب وزن وحجم الجسم للجوال BLStream Weight Tracker
برنامج لحساب وزن وحجم الجسم لنوكيا الجيل الخامس يمكنك من خلال البرنامج معرفة وزنك وحجمك ...

صورة البرنامج:_

الوصفه باللغه الانجليزيه:-
is a cool weight watching application for Symbian s60 5th edition touch screen mobiles. The application is very useful for people who are cautious of their weight and health. Would you like to keep a tight hand on your weight? It is now possible with Weight Tracker app on your mobile!

Enter report screen and report your weight by dragging the scale counter or tapping the arrows. Make sure the date on your phone is correct! Changing the date backwards might result in data conflicts. In such case, change the date or delete the reports for days that didn't occur yet. You can also clear all stored data.
Your height is used to calculate your BMI, make sure it's correctly entered. You can review and edit your height in the Settings screen. Visit Statistics screen to browse your progress. Tap your daily weight inputs to edit or delete them. Once your graphs are filled, you can scroll them by dragging.

Weight Tracker application supports both metric and imperial systems of measurement. The application is developed by BLStream.

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برنامج حساب الوزن المثالي لموبايل

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