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تحميل لانشر جميل بمميزات رائعة ONE+ Launcher v2.6.20141124

الموبايل | الجوال

28-11-2014, 01:41 PM
تحميل لانشر جميل بمميزات رائعة ONE+ Launcher v2 6 20141124

ONE+ Launcher v2.6.2014112

تحميل لانشر جميل بمميزات رائعة ONE+ Launcher v2 6 20141124

ONE+ LAUNCHER is an easy-to-use, no-frills, lightweight launcher for Android, and it comes preloaded with quality better than HD Retina-ready (FREE) wallpapers. Unlike other launchers (GO, NEXT, NOVA, APEX, SOLO, Smart, etc) which are loaded with lots a visual eye-candies and hardly any use features, we believe Simple is Beautiful. Our Launcher do not hog your precious memory resources, nor do we use up your CPU cycles. We just give you a highly-optimized, better-than stock Android Home Screen replacement with a clean and polished interface. Did I mention it is Ad-FREE. :-)

We also plan to launch our theme shop in our next release, giving you access to well over 500,000 quality HD wallpapers, 1000+ theme icons and 100+ 2D/3D visually-stunning LIVE Wallpaper. All for FREE.

Read below what some of our early beta users have to say about ONE+ Launcher.

“My current favorite is ONE+ Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizing without getting too gimmicky and difficult to use."" - Andy Clarke,

“I must say it is as smooth as butter.†- Damien Rod

“Like the one+ launcher. Most importantly, this one is clean and minimalist. Love it. Looking forward to more customizable themes!†- Robin Teo

" KEY Features "
- Simple, lightweight @ only 6MB in size.
- clean & un-cluttered home screen replacement.
- Customizable home screen with lots a theme options
- Smart widgets: The desktop Clock & Calendar icons, dynamically display the current date and time with snazzy animations & effects!
- Buttery smooth Screen Transition Effects. Doesn’t lag even on older Android devices. Lots a screen transition effects e.g. Rotate, Bulldoze, Windmill, Cube, Scale, Flip, Fade, etc. More to be added in our weekly updates.
- Hand-picked FREE HD Retina-ready quality wallpapers preloaded for your personalisation.
- Receive real-time notification and display them in your lock screen. You get a quick glance at your daily activities. Simple, no-fuss.
- Efficient battery management.
- Flexible theme options, 3rd party Launcher Themes support coming soon!
- Effects - Rotate, Bulldoze, Windmill, Cube, Scale, Flip, Cross-Flip, Snake, etc. Desktop Scene Mode: Snow, Rain, Bubble, Stars, etc. Edit Effect: Tingle, Breathe, Twinkle;
- More features on the way! Updated Weekly!

Show us some LOVE. Like ONE+ Launcher? Rate us on Google Play. We’re always trying to make ONE+ Launcher better.

If you like this app, please consider giving us 5 stars, thanks

" FAQ "

- How to set ONE+ LAUNCHER as default launcher?
Go to “Preferences†, turn on “Set Default Launcher†.

- How to turn on ONE+ LAUNCHER Lock Screen?
Go to “Preferences†, turn on “Start LockScreen†.

- Where to get more themes & retina wallpaper?
Our new "Theme Shop" featuring over 500,000 HD wallpapers, icon themes and live wallpapers will be available in our next major release.

- How to uninstall ONE+ LAUNCHER?
Go to your phone’s system settings, choose the app uninstall feature. Most phones come with this uninstall function, or alternatively, you could use any 3rd party security or cleaner app e.g. Clean Master.

" Disclaimer "
- Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS7 launcher, iOS 7 launcher are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world.

Clean. Uncluttered. Lightweight.

Minimalist does not mean under-featured.

Beautiful Design. Beautifully integrated

تحميل لانشر جميل بمميزات رائعة ONE+ Launcher v2 6 20141124

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تحميل لانشر جميل بمميزات رائعة ONE+ Launcher v2.6.20141124

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