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تحميل لعبة الأكشن الرائعة Occupation Donation v1.43 Android

الموبايل | الجوال

17-12-2014, 04:40 PM
تحميل لعبة الأكشن الرائعة Occupation Donation v1 43 Android

Occupation Donation v1.43

تحميل لعبة الأكشن الرائعة Occupation Donation v1 43 Android

NOTE: There is also a absolutely free version of the game:

Buy Occupation Donation to support further development, it really helps buying resources for the game. Also, it removes the ads. Thanks for everyone who supports the game :)

First and Third Person Shooter with some elements of GTA, Left 4 Dead, DayZ.
Stop zombie invasion and save your girl from zombies hands!

• Open 3D World to explore

• Day/Night cycle to make a more immersive game

• 11 different types of zombies and monsters

• Allied NPCs to help you VS the zombie apocalypse

• Auto-aim for new players and manual aim for players that want a harder game!

• First and Third Person perspective can be used to make both FPS and TPS fans happy!

• Inventory system that consists in storing food and Health bags to help you during the apocalypse

• Hunger system, stamina

• Market: Buy and sell items you find in the zombie apocalypse!

• Non-linear missions

• Additional endless game mode (unlocked after all missions are done)

• VR Headsets support - Durovis Dive, Google Cardboard and similar [experemental]

• Hardware input support - gamepads, keyboards

• No ADS

If you have a fast device - try to turn the sun, moon and shadows on - they are disabled by default.
You also can disable a gyroscope in the game settings.

Please, comment/e-mail whats the problem in the game before giving a bad rating. It will be a pleasure to help my players!

Thank You for support!


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تحميل لعبة الأكشن الرائعة Occupation Donation v1.43 Android

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