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تحميل لعبة سباق السيارات الرائعة MMX Racing v1.10.6475 Android

الموبايل | الجوال

15-02-2015, 06:30 PM
تحميل لعبة سباق السيارات الرائعة MMX Racing v1 10 6475 Android

MMX Racing v1.10.6475

THIS IS IT! Your chance to create a fire-breathing Monster Truck and race it head-to-head over spectacular jump filled courses. Experience benchmark graphics, physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in MMX Racing, the must-have racing title of 2014.

SCREEN-BUSTING TRUCKS If we made the trucks any bigger, they wouldn’t fit in!

NERVE-SHREDDING RACES Blank out your opponent, nail your start and focus on the finish line. It’s going to be tight!

UNIQUE GAMEPLAY No gear-changes in sight! Launch your truck over huge jumps, timing your throttle action to perfection to stop things getting out-of-control.

MONSTERIZING Pickup, muscle car, jeep or SUV...Upgrade and customise every aspect of your chosen ride. Turn it into the Monster you know it wants to be.

RIVAL CRUSHING 7 different events, 15 challenging tracks and HUNDREDS of opponents in your way. Can you rise the MMX ranks and reign supreme.

And all this is just the start for MMX Racing. There’s lots in the pipeline, including multiplayer competitions, car crush races, truck drifting and more.

Enough reading! Download now and join the BIGGEST racing scene on the Google Play Store.


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تحميل لعبة سباق السيارات الرائعة MMX Racing v1.10.6475 Android

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