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برنامج لقياس نبضات القلب Cardiograph v3.2 Android

الموبايل | الجوال

04-03-2015, 03:24 PM
برنامج لقياس نبضات القلب Cardiograph v3 2 Android

Cardiograph v3.2

برنامج لقياس نبضات القلب Cardiograph v3 2 Android

Cardiograph is an application which measures your heart rate. You can save your results for future reference and keep track of multiple people with individual profiles.

Cardiograph uses your devices built-in camera or dedicated sensor to calculate your hearts rhythm - the same approach used by professional medical equipment!

- Measure your heart rate

Its never been easier to know what your heart rate is! Without any external hardware, just using the built-in camera/sensor of your smartphone or tablet, you can get accurate readings almost instantly.

- Know how fast your heart is beating

It can be very useful while exercising, if youre under stress, if you have a heart-related medical condition, or even just out of curiosity.

- Track your results

Every measurement you take is saved to your personal history, so you can keep track over time.

- Multiple profiles

Cardiograph is perfectly tailored to allow multiple people to use the app on a shared device. You can create profiles for each of your family members or friends, and each of them has their own individual measurement history.

- Clean and intuitive design

The streamlined and clutter-free design makes it seem instantly familiar, so you can focus on using the app instead of navigating through series of screens.

- Android Wear support

Cardiograph is specifically designed with Android Wear support. You can measure your pulse using the hear rate sensor in your smartwatch. Please note that Cardiograph will work on smartwatches with a heart rate sensor only.

Please note: If your device doesnt have a built-in camera flash, you need to take your measurements in a well lit environment (bright sunlight or close to a light source).

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برنامج لقياس نبضات القلب Cardiograph v3.2 Android

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