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تحميل لانشر رائع للاندرويد Ultimate iOS8 Launcher Theme v1.2

الموبايل | الجوال

03-04-2015, 02:21 PM
تحميل لانشر رائع للاندرويد Ultimate iOS8 Launcher Theme v1 2

Ultimate iOS8 Launcher Theme v1.2

تحميل لانشر رائع للاندرويد Ultimate iOS8 Launcher Theme v1 2

Ultimate iOS8 is a brand new theme for Android launchers with built-in widgets.

Unlike other iOS themes, this fully custom designed theme does not use, copy, or contain any trademarked, copyrighted, or patented iOS7 designs by Apple. This is not "an intentional copy" of iOS but instead a totally re-imagined fully custom designed new Ultimate iOS-Style experience which takes basic iOS inspired elements to the next level.

Automatically apply theme to your favorite launcher

Automatically send missing icon requests

Built-in icon search with categories

Help section for additional help and information

Ultimate iOS8 Icons

Includes over 2,700 exclusively designed custom icons!

All icons designed in full XXX-HDPI resolution for highest definition and quality

Dynamic calendars that automatically change to current date, custom designed for stock calendar, Google Calendar, and Today Calendar (for Nova Launcher Beta and other launchers with dynamic calendar support)

Advanced icons included as widgets for clock, weather, and calendar (see below)

Folder icon backgrounds

Ultimate iOS8 Wallpaper

Over 30 ultra high definition custom-designed wallpapers

Cloud-based wallpaper manager to save space on your device and allow for best quality

Includes support for Blink and Muzei Live Wallpaper

TIP: You can also download wallpaper to your device and add additional parallax effects using 3D Live Wallpaper or similar apps

Ultimate iOS8 Widgets + More

Three Ultimate iOS8 Status Bars to choose from (available in black, white, and grey) - for Zooper Widget Pro

Six Ultimate iOS8 Music Concept Widgets to choose from (for Zooper Widget Pro)

Two Ultimate iOS8 Messaging Center Concept Widget (for Zooper Widget Pro)

Moving analog clock icon, current and todays weather icon, and calendar icon widgets included!

Ultimate iOS8 Weather and Calendar widgets in the works!

Matching Ultimate iOS8 SoftKeyz also available

Also includes Ultimate iOS8 Analog Clock Widget

This is a theme (like a skin), you must apply it using Apply section of Ultimate iOS8 app, or you can apply it manually using launcher settings.

Ultimate iOS8 supports nearly every launcher with FULL support for: Nova, Aviate, Apex, Next 3D (with 3D scene mode support), TSF Shell, GO, Inspire, Smart, ADW, Action, Holo, Atom, Lucid, CM11 Theme Manager, Solo, KK, and Nine Launcher.

Ultimate iOS8 also supports Unicon, allowing you to apply icon pack to any stock launcher (including Google Now Launcher or other stock launchers like BlinkFeed)

If needed, additional theme application instructions are listed on support website or in Help section of Ultimate iOS8 app.

To change wallpaper using built-in wallpaper manager: Press Menu > Wallpaper > Scroll to Ultimate iOS8 Wallpaper > Select wallpapers > Apply

To change wallpaper using Muzei Live Wallpaper: Open Muzei, select Customize > Choose source > Ultimate iOS8, press Settings icon to choose categories > Press checkmark to apply

To add Ultimate iOS8 Analog Clock Widget:
Press Menu > Widgets > Scroll to UltiOS8 Clock > Select and resize using your launcher

To add Ultimate iOS8 Widget:
Download Zooper Widget Pro from Google Play, add Zooper widget to homescreen, tap widget and select Ultimate iOS8 from list. Adjust widget size and scaling according to whichever widget you select.

To use Ultimate iOS8 Music Concept widget, download Media Utilities (Beta) app from Google Play, select Settings > Application Integration: Zooper > Experimental features: Make coverart available

Circle me for latest news and updates: https://plus.google.com/+BrianRoberts

Thank you for your support! Please e-mail if you have any other questions, suggestions, or concerns.

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تحميل لانشر رائع للاندرويد Ultimate iOS8 Launcher Theme v1.2

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