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تطبيق العملاق للحقاظ على البطاريه Battery Doctor v4.26.1

الموبايل | الجوال

26-08-2015, 05:37 PM
تطبيق العملاق للحقاظ على البطاريه Battery Doctor v4 26 1

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.26.1

تطبيق العملاق  للحقاظ على البطاريه Battery Doctor v4 26 1

Battery Saver Pro - Save your Battery!- is proud of being "EXTREMELY EASY" Android Battery Saver & Power Manager. This app helps users Save battery life with ONE-TAP by optimizing phone settings which functions as Memory Cleaner, App Killer, Task Killer, and Various Function Controller. On top of that, with Deep Sleep Mode Configuration - Normal / Smart / Advanced / Custom / you can easily change the Saving Mode to prolong your battery life. App Consumption Mode geared as well, letting you understand which Application consumes the battery the most. Super useful widget, and many more features. If properly used, this app can save battery power up to 2x-4x more, boost your phone go lot faster! Master your saving skills & phone boost skills. Yet, This app is Extremely Easy.

Battery Saver Pro is 5 in 1 Toolbox Mix App! – One-Tap Optimizer including Memory Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Task Killer, Functions Controller. Charging Mode - Track your phone remaining time. App Consumption Tracker - See which application consumes the battery the most. Deep Sleep Mode - Configure your custom saving mode with one-tap! And Super Easy Widget. 5 Features but its still VERY EASY TO USE! Download this app/widget, become a master of Android Battery & Power Doctor!

1. One-Tap Optimizer (functions as Memory Cleaner/Junk Cleaner/Task Killer)
? Cleans up Memory, Kills tasks with extremely simple one-touch "Optimize" button to save battery!
? Indicates how many hours you can save with one-tap. Defend your phone from draining!

2. Sleep Mode Battery Saver
? Eventhough you are not using the phone, it syncs data every seconds that will drain your battery life.
? While not using your phone, set your "Sleep Mode" to save battery!

3. App Consumption Tracker / Uninstaller
? Tracks and shows you which app drains & save battery life at certain level
? Choose the app that drains the most and Uninstall/or/Force Stop to save time!

4. Remaining Time Tracker
? Indicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime,Game,Standby,AudioPlayback,MoviePlayback, WebSurfing,and Reading.
? Life level in percent (%) at status bar.

5. Power Doctor Widget
? Access your Battery Saver Function from Home screen Widget
WHATS NEW - Bug Fix, Feedback on tapping screen added, renewed on/off switch








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تطبيق العملاق للحقاظ على البطاريه Battery Doctor v4.26.1

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