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تعلم الكتابه على الكيبورد بشكل سريع Rapid Typing Tutor 5.0.105 Final

تحميل برامج - برامج كامله - برامج مجانية

21-09-2015, 03:03 AM
تعلم الكتابه على الكيبورد بشكل سريع Rapid Typing Tutor 5 0 105 Final

Rapid Typing Tutor 5.0.105

Rapid Typing Tutor can help you to learn touch typing through a series of lesson that include exercises to learn individual letters,numbers and symbols as well as a series of text exercises. A virtual keyboard is displayed below the text to be typed and help you with finding keys ans finger position without having to look at your keyboard.

Other features include the ability to edit included lessons or to create your own, detailed progress statistics and support for multiple users. Rapid Typing Tutor supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, ABNT2, and Dvorak keyboard layouts.
The program comes with a rather annoying fish tank animation background which can (and probably should) be turned off.

Some Key Features:
آ· Game plot. Training takes place in virtual picturesque underwater world. Variety of underwater fauna will make fun of your training. The more you improve your printing level the more nice underwater creatures will come to light
آ· Keyboard emulator will help you learn blind printing quickly. Keys and finger workplaces are lighted
آ· Uses the simple and colorful interface. Colorful skins library is supported
آ· You may create your own exercises
آ· Free lessons choice
آ· Multiple users with their personal settings are supported
آ· Suitable for children












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تعلم الكتابه على الكيبورد بشكل سريع Rapid Typing Tutor 5.0.105 Final

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