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Download TinaSoft EasyCafe 2.2.14

تحميل برامج - برامج كامله - برامج مجانية

24-03-2006, 02:46 AM
Download TinaSoft EasyCafe 2 2 14

Download TinaSoft EasyCafe 2.2.14 March 21, 2006
[IMG]http://www.*/easycafe/images/kutu.jpg[/IMG]EasyCafe 2.2

With EasyCafe client 2.0 You can restrict all access and functions of your PC's including;
Network Restrictions, Control panel Restrictions, My Computer Restrictions, Ms-Dos Restrictions and many others.At the internet cafes that are using EasyCafe the customers enjoy their time during their stay, while leaving without any problems for the Cafe Managers.

Excellent Management of your Internet Cafe From One Point

EasyCafe is a complete solution for your management needs in your Internet Cafe. It is capable of handling the customers, the accounting and the cafeteria with the minimum human assistance. Moreover EasyCafe has many unic features for adding diversity for the clients.

EasyCafe using cybercafes increase the quality of their services by providing wider options to their customers.

Security and Stability

EasyCafe is the most stable software in its class. Power downs and system crashes do not affect EasyCafe system. You can continue your work from where you left after the system reboots. The powerful software design will keep your Cafe's data safe up and running in all circumstances.
Users and restricted cashiers can not override the restrictions defined by the Administrator.


EasyCafe implements accounting tools to let you have reports of all transactions and accounts. The entire money flow is monitored and reported to the administrator in the most convinient way. You can have daily reports or special reports and statistical data of the usage and performance of your


EasyCafe can export its accountancy data as Excell files.

Payment Methods

EasyCafe can charge customers using various pricing methods:
- Price by Usage Time
- Price by Days
- Special Price for Members
You have both prepayment and postpayment options for all the pricing methods.

User Membership

Create accounts for your regular customers. Registered users can login to the EasyCafe system by themselves with no need to the assistance of a cashier. Reduce the labor load and improve your service quality. The price of the internet usage will be added to the user's account automatically.

Cafeteria Module

EasyCafe Cafeteria Module is designed to enable cybercafe customers to order goods from their desktops. Administrators can define cafeteria items and their prices. The prices of the ordered items are being added to the customer's bill and charged at the end of the usage.
Multiple Cashiers

EasyCafe can be used by different cashiers. Each cashier can have his/her own restrictions for the EasyCafe System Parameters. Admins can have separate reports for each cashier in order to monitor his/her performance.


EasyCafe can restrict the usage of the Cliernt PCs in various ways. Thus the cafe staff do not have to put excessive efforts to keep the system running. Protect your PCs against jamming and attacks.


EasySMS is the new service of EasyCafe. The users of cybercafes signed-up for the EasySMS can send SMS Ringtones, Operator Logos, Flash SMS and Picture SMS to their or others' Mobile phones all over the World. Moreover the cybercafe can make a considerable profit with EasySMS service. The fees for the sent SMSs will be added to the customers' bills.

Built In Minibrowser

The built-in Minibrowser into the EasyCafe Client may be used in many different ways.The cybercafe owners can use it as a bulletin board or can introduce their web pages here. Moreover you can display advertisements or your affiliates' banners here and make even more profit.

Size : 11 MB

Download TinaSoft EasyCafe 2.2.14
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Download TinaSoft EasyCafe 2.2.14
19-08-2007, 02:32 PM
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Download TinaSoft EasyCafe 2.2.14

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