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رسائل ومسجات موبايل

04-08-2007, 06:33 AM
Eyelove مسجات اجنبية

If the day comes when I die
and go up in the sky as I'm
there so far I'll well write
ur name on every star so u
look up and see

If you hold 11 flowers
and look to the mirror
you will see the most
beautiful 12 flowers in the word

Love is Love
i love my love
my love is you
so i love you

Its raining now
should u look out
the windows and try
to count the numbers
of rain drops u see
filling from the sky
above thats how much
i'm missing u now

If in my dreams is the only
place i can hould u !

Then i want to sleep forever !!

U r amizing so cute
so nice so sweet
u r a great body,
y voice,cute smile
kissable lips warmest
touch,shing eyes..

oops,sorry wrong number

when the time comes
4 u 2 give
your heart 2 someone
make sure that u
select someone who will
never break your heart
because broken hearts have
( No Spareparts

My eyes >> Miss u
My Lips >> Kiss u
My Feeling >> Love u
My Body >> Need u
My Heart Just 4 u,
I will die without u

If u found yourself in a dark room
walls around you are red.!
and blood comes from everywhere!
don't be scared.!
you are in my heart!

HATE me.
DO any thing but
please DON'T...


Love is not how long
u've been together
not how much u've give
or receive not how many
times u've helped each other
its how u value each other

Everyone says u can only
fall in love once, but
that's not true. Because
every time i hear your
voice i fall in love all
over again

One day you'll love me as
i have loved u One day you'll
cry for me as i have cried
for you One day you'll need
me but !! I won't need you

When all seas become dry When
all birds leave the sky When
all family say good bye My pasion
to you will never die

Take my eyes but let me see you
Take my mind but let me think
about you Take my hands but let
me touch you But if you want to
take my heart its already yours
Get down !

and down

see the darkness

thats my life without you

Love is like a cloud
Love is like a dream
Love is one word and everything in between
Love is a fairytale come
true because i found
love when i found u
When i miss a special person,
i don't have to go too far,
i just have to look inside my heart,
because that's always where my
special peoples are

One day the moon said to me,
if she makes u cry,
why don't u leave here ?
I told the moon !
Moon would u ever leave your sky

As long as there is
A wonderful love like
U who brighten and
the light of increase
Others, there will be a love
Like me who feel glad that
I have know u, I love U
Smile before u start ur
Day, don't 4get to pray
And think good 4 anther
New day I miss u and I love
U so much honey u cant
?forgive me tell me pls
I'm so lucky that I have
U, I never 4get a good and
Loving person like u. If
U are not here I don’t
Know where I am ur
Love gives me strength
To move on am so proud
To have u in my life
Honey 'l love u'
Somebody say Happiness is life
Others say it's Freedom
& Some of them say it's money
But to me, it's the tone of ur Message

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من مواضيع : hosam مسجات فراق و وداع و رحيل و زعل مسجات قوية جداً لعيونكم
رسائل جوال للعيد 2007
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رسائل موبايل
16-12-2007, 05:18 PM
صدى الاحساس
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من مواضيع : صدى الاحساس
20-06-2008, 11:32 PM
رومنسية منسية
من مواضيع : رومنسية منسية
01-07-2008, 10:02 PM
يعطيك العافيه
من مواضيع : المتميز2000
29-09-2009, 01:38 AM
love big
How are you ??????
من مواضيع : love big

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