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لعبةSurakarta جديد جي سوفت


08-08-2007, 03:29 AM
هبة الله
لعبةSurakarta جديد جي سوفت

لعبةSurakarta جديد جي سوفت


This board game originates from the Indonesian island of Java. It gets
its name from a large town in middle of the island, the old capital

At the start of each game both players have 12 identical pieces, placed
in two rows of six in front of them, on a grid containing six horizontal
rows intersected by six vertical lines. The aim of the game is to capture
all of your opponent’s marbles. If at the end of the game nobody can
move, the winner is the player with the most remaining pieces.

Players take turns moving their marbles: a move or a capture.

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لعبةSurakarta جديد جي سوفت

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