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لعبة Patriots A Nation Under Fire


09-08-2007, 03:54 AM
هبة الله
لعبة Patriots A Nation Under Fire

لعبة Patriots A Nation Under Fire

لعبة Patriots A Nation Under Fire

Review :

Terrorists have just invaded US soil in an attempt to overthrow
the superpower and achieve global supremacy. 50 major cities have
already been devastated by nuclear attacks while others are left
in total chaos. Join the Resistance as you grab your weapon and take
to the streets to fend off the powerful surprise attack. From urban
downtown city streets to rural residential parks, you'll engage in
countless battles as you help fight for America's freedom.

-> Fight hordes of terrorists with advanced military weapons and tactics.

-> A powerful 3D engine that allows for enormous explosions and impressive
environmental visual effects.

-> -specific damage that allows for massive, brutal destruction.

-> Fight with numerous realistic and varied weapons in familiar US s.

-> Experience advanced enemy AI as terrorists attempt to snipe, flank and
even suicide bomb you.

-> Use your squad of National Guard recruits to your advantage as you engage
in intense combat.

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Patriots A Nation Under Fire

PASSWORD : s7or4x

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لعبة Patriots A Nation Under Fire

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