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لعبة American McGee's Alice ISO العاب بنات


09-08-2007, 04:32 AM
هبة الله
لعبة American McGee's Alice ISO العاب بنات

لعبة American McGee's Alice ISO العاب بنات

American McGee's Alice ISO

In the game, Alice has lost her mind due to a traumatizing childhood experience. To reclaim her sanity, she must fight for it through the perverse Wonderland of her imagination. In this way, the game basically has the same plot as in games such as Sanitarium. the game's fully 3D depiction of Wonderland is definitely its best feature.

Many of the levels, especially in the game's first half, are remarkably well rendered. Though the art direction relies less on anything very shocking and a little too much on depicting what's essentially a dimly lit version of the conventional surrealism found in most platform games, the results are undeniably slick. A few of the levels - most notably the White Queen's black-and-white kingdom and an environment that features a realistic, normal-looking house perched atop a hellish mountain of lava and rock - are great looking and very original. However, some of the other scenarios, like a sequence of giant, rotating gear levels, settle for just being great looking.

've also included the cheat codes on the CD's.

Download CD1


Download CD2


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ابراهيم يونس
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لعبة American McGee's Alice ISO العاب بنات

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