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اسرار لعبة hitman


17-04-2006, 02:25 AM
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Hitman - Codename 47

Submitted by: s.orangzeb

When using sniper scope may be you feel some difficulty
for hunting. Simply first bring up the scope by clicking
once and then press the 5 key for zoom in and again to
more zoom and 2 key for zoom out.

Submitted by: Sanjay Rao

If the action menu when right clicked is disabled, then go
very near to the object and press action key on the keyboard.
In the first level, if you have trouble passing through the man
having the shock machine,carry only the mp5 gun. Let him see
you. He will come running towards you. Go back to the elevator
and kill him with the gun. Wear his clothes and drop any weapon
you have including guns,piano wires and knives. Go to the room
and the guard will show you to freedom.

Submitted by: dompapp
Email: dompapp_saksogklipp@hotmail.com

in level 4:the lee hong assassination.
u dont have to follow the sexy whore out of
the compound.just shoot her and you will get the

Submitted by: Super-joost
<a href="mailto:super-joost@zonnet.nl">super-joost@zonnet.nl</a></p>
text: Press ~ Then: IP_DEBUG 1 = turns on debug keys:

j : Jump.
t : wireframe mode.
o : overhead view.
k : move camera with cursor keys.
Shift+F12: Throw anyone near you around the room.
f,g, or h: teleport to various locations.

Open up your Hitman.ini file located in your hitman directory.
Add the line 'enableconsole 1' to the file.
When playing a mission simply hit the '~' key.
Types any of these codes for the desired effect:

Code Result
god 1 - God Mode
giveall - All Weapons with Max Ammo
infammo - Unlimited Ammo
invisible 1 - Invisibility

Access All Missions:
Type 'Kim Bo Kastekniv' as your profile name, you'll
get instant access to all missions.

Multiple Gun Combo Trick:
This trick will let you have up to 15 rounds in any gun.

1. Make sure that you have a Beretta 92 in your inventory.
2. Select the gun you want to have 15 rounds in, and make
sure that is the ONLY thing you are holding.
3. Drop the gun on the floor.
4. Take out your Beretta 92 and pick up the gun you just dropped.
5. You will be holding both guns at the same time, and you will
have 15 rounds in both guns since they always shoot together.

Reward Bug Exploitation:
When you have completed all the mission objectives, don't exit yet.
Instead, press F1 for the mission status screen to appear.
When the "success" message appears press ESC to go back to the game.
Then repeat the process. Each time you will be paid the reward for
the mission.

Easter Egg:
On the Traditions of the Trade mission there is a minor easter egg.
When talking to the recepient you will look in the guest book for
Mr.Wuffs room. In the guest book there are some names from the IO
team, for example Martin Guldbaek and Rasmus Kjaer from the graphics
and design team. And Mads Olson from the tester squad. And Martins
room has the number 666 while Rasmus and Mads have numbers 301 and
302. 301 and 302 are the rooms just above the rooms 201 and 202 where
Mr.Wuff is accomodated.

Submitted by: rickHH
Take your time and pay close attention to what everyone
is doing the first few times you attempt a mission.
Once you get the hang of it and can guess what equipment
you'll need, tackle it for real.

Tip: Avoid combat if possible. Especially combat where
innocents might get hurt in the crossfire. Cleaners are
expensive, you know!

Tip: Most bad guys wear lots of body armor, so concentrate
on head shots and fiber-wire kills. Also, buying your own
body armor is almost always a great idea.

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