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حصريا لعبة ninja reflex rip


01-10-2008, 02:39 AM
حصريا لعبة ninja reflex rip

على فكره اللعبه دي لأحلى شله وبس دي منقوله من منتدى أجنبي ودي حصري للمنتديات العربيه

THX for this upload must fly out to LVR!!!
the Art of Speed and become a Ninja Gamer! Ninja Reflex uses martial
arts challenges to test your reflexes, sharpen your hand-eye
coordination, and measure your reaction times to the millisecond. Wield
throwing stars, katanas, nunchucks...even chopsticks! Progress from
White Belt all the way to Black Belt, 3rd Degree, and see if you can
complete the 50+ Steam achievements on your journey!
- 300 Ninja challenges to conquer.
- Go from White Belt to Black Belt, 3rd Degree.
- 50+ Steam achievements to complete.
- Compete in local multiplayer battles with up to 4 players.
- Receive authentic martial arts wisdom from your Sensei.
- Create a Ninja Name from over 25,000 possibilities.
- Learn to Meditate to achieve greater mental focus.
- Find all the Half-Life and Portal Easter Eggs

من مواضيع : figo2006s اللعبة الاكشن للتصنيف العالمى الاول Psi-Ops : The Mindgate
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اكبر مكتبة العاب 2008
04-10-2008, 03:31 AM
مشكووووووووورة خيتووووووووووووو
من مواضيع : TRIPL H

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حصريا لعبة ninja reflex rip

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