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برنامج لتقوية وضوح الكاميرا وتكبير حجم النصوص Nokia Beta labs Magnifier

برامج الجوال - العاب للجوال

25-03-2009, 03:31 AM
هاني فريد حسن
برنامج لتقوية وضوح الكاميرا وتكبير حجم النصوص Nokia Beta labs Magnifier

برنامج لتقوية وضوح الكاميرا وتكبير حجم النصوص Nokia Beta labs Magnifier

Nokia Beta labs Magnifier v0.91 S60v3 os9.1

Released:23 Mar 2009

Clarity is just a click away

Nokia Magnifier application utilizes the existing camera functionality on your Nokia S60 phone. It can be used to improve readability in every-day life situations such as reading "fine print". Anyone who has difficulty seeing "fine print" or small objects can benefit from using this application readily available on their S60 phone. Nokia Magnifier has a built in stabilizer to reduce the effects of a shaky hand and negative filter enabling users to switch from light to dark backgrounds improving readability. By using the existing camera technology, users can also snap a picture of the enhanced image for later reference.

Usage instructions:
  • [ ]Position the the phone in front of the text you want to read (or whatever you want to magnify)
    Click OK button (phone's center key) to start focusing.
    If the application can't get a good focus, move the phone a little bit away from the object, and press OK again.
    Use the '#' (hash) key to turn stabilization mode on/off.
    Use the '0' (zero) key to turn contrast mode on/off.
    Use the ' ' (asterisk) key to turn negative mode on/off. (the negative mode applies stabilization)
    Use the up/down keys to change the zoom factor.
    [ ]There are also menu options for these features.
Change log[Direct from beta labs]:

Monday, March 23rd, 2009Our Accessibility team sends their gratitude to all of you who tried this application. Thank you for the excellent feedback. Our aim is to provide a simple application that is useful and works on as many S60 models as possible. It took use some time but we made some minor improvements and have a more solid version now. The dreaded “Get error -1″ is now gone. We decided to simplify checking for the camera cover and… removed the check to ensure the application works on as many devices as possible. We did not forget devices like N96 and E71.
Please remember that the application works best on S60 phone models that have the auto focus camera feature. For example while the application works on the E61i the camera on the E61i is not capable of focusing on small objects as camera available in the N95.
Very good suggestions have been provided on this first ‘feedback round’ and some of them are actually under implementation.
We have updated the compatibility list, since the application now works on many more devices, such as the N96 and E71.

Compatibility and system requirements

Tested with the latest SW versions:

  • [ ]Works on: N96, N95, N95 8GB, N82, N73, E90, E71, E66
    [ ]Does not work on: N85, N78, E65, 6220, N95, E90, N82.

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برنامج لتقوية وضوح الكاميرا وتكبير حجم النصوص Nokia Beta labs Magnifier

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